Hey all,

I know there are a few live tabs of Ocean, but I could really use a tab of the Federation Square version. A good friend wants me to play it at his wedding.

I know it's a huge ask, but you have NO idea how grateful I would be.


Thanks in advance


I was wondering if you ever got hold of a tab for the federation square live version of Ocean?! (I see it was 3 years ago that you asked!!)

Hey fella's, GOOD NEWS! sorry for the late reply but im sure you will be satisfied with what I have found... obviously, ocean live at federation square tabs!!

just a few problems:

*they are tabs but you play along with it, you will understand when you see it.
*VERY accurate, but slightly in-accurate (improvise the outro)

sorry for the confusion but none the less here you are: http://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/john-butler-trio-ocean-live-guitar-tab-s62862t0

Please do comment, cheers.
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