i just got a ts9 and i cant find a good setting that i like. im using it with a VK 212 and all i manage to do is just get alot of feedback. what are some good settings for both the VK 212 and the ts9 i could use for a good BFMV tone. also today im getting a boss ns 2 (youve gotta love craigslist -- $50) and where should i put that in my chain? im also getting a tuner but im assuming that you would put it first...it just makes sense.
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OK, the amp is probably feeding back due to a potetnial ground loop, but most likely because you are pushing the gain too hard. Turn the gain down, you shouldn't need above about 6 and crank the volume to drive the power amp and get that sweeter power amp distortion, then kick in the Tubescreamer, and that should push it to metal territory sufficiently. Remember as well that the VK isn't really voiced for metal, so you will get more of a mid-based tone. In terms of amp EQ, leave your bass at about 7, your mids at about 4 or 5, and your treble at about 6, because slightly dropping the mids gives more of a metalcore tone. That being said, don't drop your mids completely, because you may as well go back to a ****ty solid-state amp if you think that sounds good. The Tubescreamer is really up to you, play around with the tone knob to change the sound of it. The thing that might be inducing feedback wiht the Tubescreamer is you have the gain up too high rather than the level, so turn the level up and the gain down. My Maxon OD-9 never goes past 4 on gain, because it gets too muddy but the level is where all the boost comes from. Also, if you buy an NS-2 (i strongly recommend you look at getting an ISP Decimator off EBay instead, they are so muhc better and suck way less tone), put it at the end of the chain. The tuner (look at a Planet Wvaes pedal tuner on EBay as well) does go at the very start of the chain.
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