I recently bought an epiphone FT-150 acoustic. I contacted Gibson and they say it's made somewhere between '72 and '80. I really love it, it looks and sounds so beautiful. But i have one problem with it. It has an adjustable bridge (looks a bit like a tune-o-matic), and when i have the bridge all the way down the action is still way to high. Gibson said that the neck probably had to be re-adjusted. The trussrod is properly set up, so that's not the problem. Is there anything i can do about it myself? Or should i go to a luthier? Btw, it has an bolt on neck.

Help would be much appreciated,
to the best of my knowledge on a set bridge guitar the way to measure neck angle is to lay a straight edge on the neck and it is supposed to land flush on the bridge. However i dont have enough experience with adjustable bridge guitars to be of much help to you. You could lay the straight edge on the neck and see if it lines up flush with the bridge perhaps that would give you an estimate of how much if any your neck angle is off. fortunatly for you there are many poeple that frequent this forum who have far more experience than me with vintage guitars perhaps they will chime in and give you the proper advice good luck and happy strumming.
Thanks, but:
I don't have to know how far it's off, i just want to know how to fix it .
You too happy strumming .