Hey everyone,

I am new here and thought i'd start of by posting a thread.
I am building a solid body electric guitar as part of Year 12 and need your opinions on how i should finish the guitar.

Rock Maple Body
Rock Maple Neck
Rose Wood Fretboard
24.75" Scale Length
Gotoh Les Paul Style Bridge Chrome
Grover Machine Heads
Bridge Pickup - EMG 81
Neck Pickup - EMG 85

Because it's a maple body i want to use a Coloured trans. finish to show the grain but also though some custom art would look cool with it. Here is a drawing i made of it in Photoshop.

If you guys wouldn't mind giving me your opinions as well as ideas i'd be happy to consider it in the final finish.
Real Keen for ideas, as abstract as they may be. Cheers in Advance.

What do you mean by year 12?
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Oh, finish the guitar, then spill whiskey and coffee on it. Lock in dank basement for several years, enjoy.

don't forget feces. i always get that on my axe somehow.
final year of high school. Im in Australia and we just call it year 12 over here.
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