i don't really read chords often, so im not good at them, so what does it mean if something is for example A7. is that an A major seventh chord? or like an A dominant seventh chord. cause someone told me what it was, but i forgot. also what are A*7 and A*. (btw the *'s are supposed to be like degrees signs.) thanks people
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A7 is A dominant seventh
Amaj7 is A Major seventh
A˚is a diminished triad
A˚7 is a diminished seventh chord
Aø7 is a half diminished or min7b5
EDIT and I don't know about PC's but on a MAC alt+K = ˚ and Alt+o = ø
EDIT - thanks Johnljones - corrected (It's 2am here I'm half asleep)
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On PC;
° is Alt + 0176
ø is Alt + 0248
I don't know how you get ∆ with alt+numbers