Hey guys I need some advice.

Tomorrow, I am going to a reptile show and plan to buy a lizard. I am looking for something that is going to be friendly and won't mind being handled. I also don't want something that will be lethargic like a leopard gecko. My mother is getting pretty picky because she doesn't like reptiles she doesn't want me to get anything that will get too big. Are there any experienced reptile owners that can recommend any species that would fit my description?

I do like Bearded Dragons but my mom thinks they are too big

(Worst case scenario I can get a juvenile and when it gets big say they told me it would be small.)

I have had 4 leopard geckos and I currently have a bearded dragon. My beardie didn't get too big, however its previous owner stunted its growth. My favorites are beardies, but I had one leopard gecko that lived until maturation, and it was pretty cool too. The rest never made it past the juvenile stage, as they were all too stressed to eat anything.

I also had brown and green anoles, but they were boring. If I were you, I'd get a ball python or a corn/milk/king snake. Snakes are the ****

Edit: Bearded Dragons are diurnal, and sleep practically only when you do!

Edit 2: Some pics of my dragon

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Is that ruler in meters or feet?

You should get a bearded dragon, and train it to eat small children
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Don't worry, it's in inches.

Also, check out Chinese Water Dragons. They are pretty small and eat mice
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man i want one of those... are they a lot of work to look after?
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I have had numerous geckos. Don't BUY A GECKO. My leopards lasted over two years! But they never grew past their juvenile stage?!?! I had another gecko that got let out of its cage, and it was stuck to my ceiling. Oh, yeah I live in Minnesota and all of my geckos died from freezing to death inside my room in winter...lol... If you live in Minnesota keep them in the place where it's warm in winter.
basicly I have one green anole and two grayish anoles (not sure what kind). Everytime I see them the bigger one is climbing ontop of the smaller one. I think the big one is a male and the other a female. Yesterday the small one was bobbing its head, and I read that meant it was looking for a mate. I also read that the male will bite the female around her neck but i have not seen this. Finally the green anole would like join in and climb onop of both of them. so whats happening......?
u dont need to buy one. u can watch the presidential debates 2008. 5 out of 9 of the canidates were reptiles you know?
Get a crested gecko. They are the easiest to take care of, love being handled and jump like crazy.

Ask me for more details if you want.
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you could try a collared Lizard. they are great. i used to have a chameleon that lived 10 years. (far beyond natural life expectancy might i add ) and it was truly an amazing creature, however DO NOT get one unless you're experienced. they are very sensitive, hate being handled, have many special care requirements as a species, and are easier to kill with improper care than fish.

i would say your best bet to start off with is either a Collared Lizard or a Bearded Dragon. you could also try a frilled dragon, but they don't like being handled. bearded dragon's don't grow too big at all, and they are VERY friendly.

just remember before you get it, do LOTS of research, ask question, get the set up first and have it running for at least a week. i cannot stress this enough. do your research and choose what species is most right for you. then get a habitat according to it, run it for a week to get the climate correct and THEN get the lizard. lets say you were going to be getting the beardie. you will need a MINIMUM 60 gallon tank, preferably a terrarium designed for use with reptiles with a front opening door (its easier to clean mostly), and you will need to set it up to an arid desert climate. the temperature shouldn't go below 90 during the day, and when you turn the light off at night it should fall naturally to room temperature. humidity should be pretty low. the best substrate at the bottom is always recommended to be carpet, but i can't stand it, i like to keep it as natural as i can. therefore you will want sand (NOT play sand, it MUST be any kind of specialty reptile substrate, to ensure that it is not toxic if ingested) with plenty of low lying cover and climbing areas. keep the water bowl on the cool side of the tank. one side of the tank should be a basking area where the reptile can go when it needs the heat, and a cooler side where it can cool off if it gets too hot.

now, on to food. in order for your reptile to live happily, and stay healthy, it requires a variety of foods. gut loaded crickets are the staple diet (coated in calcium) but they cannot live just on this. you can also buy meal worms, butter worms, silk works, horn worms, wax worms, etc. beware of horn worms, they are VERY expensive, and are master escape artists, so keep them in a closed bucket with air holes. however they are easily the most nutritious.

also remember, take your reptile to the vet. its not a disposable pet and it requires veterinary treatment just like cats and dogs.

apologies for the massive text wall, but im very passionate about reptiles.
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on topic: i had a leopard gecko and two anoles, the gecko was pretty badass
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