Okay, so I'm in a band that's on a bit of a hiatus. We need a bassist and a drummer. Our other drummer was a bit of a douche, and I played bass and sang for a while, but It'd be better if I could just focus more on singing so we can write more complicated bass lines without worrying about me effing them up while singing.
Currently the band's name is Yesterday's Secrets (An add on myspace would be appreciated.) We're thinking that after reforming the band we might change tha name since some people thought the name sounded kinda gay.
I was thinking The Dash. My thinking behind it is how on a gravestone there's the dates of birth and death and then a dash in between. It's so small and fleeting yet it contains the most important part. And we have to make the most of that small time.
Or we could keep the old name.
Any imput besides "they both suck" would be much appreciated. Thank youuu.
well they both do suck IMO.

Call it "Lizard Dong"... it's lively, exciting, daring, sexual and has a great meaning to it!!
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt