ok so my friend is turning 16 tonite. So he asked me if i could play some songs at is party as a sort of present. So i got a couple guys together to play at the party and have been practicing for about 2 weeks and its all pretty good. So we planned on playing:

Welcome Home-Coheed & Cambria
Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman
Last Resort-Papa Roach
Scars-Papa Roach
I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
Riot-Three Days Grace

And so wats happening now is the drummer has to leave early (got to go to church n the morning) so we can only play 4 of them. We're havin one last prac before we play tonite and i was thinking of adding a realy simple acoustic piece. So my question is wat 4 songs should we play? wat order? and should we add a acoustic song or just stick with the 4 songs? (and please dont comment on the song selection we are playing them because my friend likes them all) Thanks in advance
you always end with w.e song you can perform with the best stage presence (kind of the grand finale type idea but youd have to decide that one) the song you open with will be the one you know most people can sing along with.

as for acoustic tunes - with that style of music there aren't mean (that i know of) so you're on your own in that choice.

good luck buddy.
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i just got done talking with the singer and if we do an acoustic song it will b either:

Wanted Dead or Alive-Bon Jovi

So i need some input on wat to do
Do NOT do Bon Jovi for a 16 year old's birthday party. I would bump the papa roach songs off the set list, but that's just me because I really dislike them. Like the other post said, close with what song you guys like the best, know the best, etc.
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take off scars and riot......and I think adding an acoustic piece would be a nice touch just don't end with it....and not Bon Jovi
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why only four? you cant start the set 10 - 15 min earlier?
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ok well everything went really wel we played:

Last Resort-Papa Roach
Bad Girlfriend-Theory of a Deadman
I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace
Welcome Home-Coheed & Cambria

In that order and it was awesome!!! We had everyone singing and luckly i found this girl who sings in this local band around town and talked her into singing the girl part on Broken. So it all went well thx for all the advice!