I'm looking to trade my Whammy out. It's around 6 moths old, and has hardly been used. I have the box, power supply, etc.

Note: I am currently at work and will post pictures once I get home.

Things I'm looking for:

Analog Delay (MXR Carbon Copy etc.)
Boss RC2 Looper
Good reverb pedal (No Boss RV5's, or basic Holy Grails)
Digital delay with a smaller housing (something other than a DD3 or DD6)
6 in line locking tuners
Bump, Feel free to make me an offer for something else. I know someone out here must want/ need a Whammy.
Where do you live?
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Good deals: rok-en-rol, truespin, ICFootball62, IndianScout, tinypants, HartRacer86, Huntred_67, Perandor, and many others from HC