andrewatUPEN: back
andrewatUPEN: the SOB is like all sales are final
andrewatUPEN: he is tring to tell me that your wrong and he's right
DeathByWeinerDog: is it a Squier?
andrewatUPEN: yea
DeathByWeinerDog: ask him how the hell it's worth $300
andrewatUPEN: i am not going to f with him anymore
DeathByWeinerDog: tell me the exact model of the guitar
andrewatUPEN: i told him my older brother is an Attorney downtown
andrewatUPEN: its this one
andrewatUPEN: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-by-Fender-Stratacoustic-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-103574943-i1170749.gc
andrewatUPEN: 199 retail at Guitar Center
DeathByWeinerDog: oh
andrewatUPEN: msrp is 349
DeathByWeinerDog: i thought you said it was the exact same as your other guitar
andrewatUPEN: exact as in its a squire
DeathByWeinerDog: oh
DeathByWeinerDog: your other one is a Squier too?
andrewatUPEN: nope
DeathByWeinerDog: then how is it the same?
andrewatUPEN: the one you showed the squire
andrewatUPEN: is that the same one you showed me
DeathByWeinerDog: but it isn't
andrewatUPEN: same but yours was dif color
andrewatUPEN: its a squire
DeathByWeinerDog: is your other guitar a Fender or a Squier?
andrewatUPEN: if you want to see the replica exact copy
andrewatUPEN: its this one
andrewatUPEN: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-by-Fender-Affinity-Series-Stratocaster-Special-Electric-Guitar-102167889-i1146806.gc
DeathByWeinerDog: oh
DeathByWeinerDog: i thought you said you had a Fender
andrewatUPEN: no the one i bought during spring break is this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Standard-Stratocaster-Electric-Guitar-103630810-i1148847.gc
andrewatUPEN: the previous is the one i bought today
DeathByWeinerDog: where does the stratacoustic come in?
andrewatUPEN: the guy said it was
andrewatUPEN: a strat
andrewatUPEN: he told me a all fendars are strats
DeathByWeinerDog: what?
DeathByWeinerDog: he's high
andrewatUPEN: he said that was a strat -- squ
DeathByWeinerDog: there are tons of fenders
andrewatUPEN: hey i am not the guitar expert
DeathByWeinerDog: strats, teles, jaguars, jazzmasters, mustangs
andrewatUPEN: guess i should of asked you about this before i bought
andrewatUPEN: huh
DeathByWeinerDog: yeah
DeathByWeinerDog: you should've
andrewatUPEN: well its was a good deal at the time
DeathByWeinerDog: no, it wasn't
DeathByWeinerDog: you made $300 for a guitar worth $100
andrewatUPEN: at the time when i had no idea
andrewatUPEN: what i was buying
andrewatUPEN: it was a good deal
andrewatUPEN: became a crap deal when you enlightened me
andrewatUPEN: can i sell it on ebay and get least my money back
DeathByWeinerDog: i guess
DeathByWeinerDog: but it won't go for much
andrewatUPEN: nah easier to give to my nephew
andrewatUPEN: its lesson learned
andrewatUPEN: i will chalk it up as a life lesson
andrewatUPEN: i can't buy a guitar like i buy computers
DeathByWeinerDog: ok from now on, always talk to me first
andrewatUPEN: ok boss man
andrewatUPEN: makes sencd
andrewatUPEN: e
andrewatUPEN: i buy cameras like that too and i never get ripped off
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i was going to insult thedude97, BUT HIS AVATAR SHOWS MORDOR!

that made no sense at all
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Time for new friends???

and that other thread not made by you...omg...
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lol...sorry but he seems sooo dumb xD
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What the F**K?
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lmao. someone got pwned :p
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Seriously, the feeling I got from reading that cannot be put into words
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Your friend is an idiot. I can't understand what the bloody hell he's saying.

Also, you should have just put this in your other thread.
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Your friend is an idiot. I can't understand what the bloody hell he's saying.

Also, you should have just put this in your other thread.

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haha very nice
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ha ha!
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andrewatUPEN: he told me a all fendars are strats

I'd go down to that shop and kick his ass myself


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Seriously, the feeling I got from reading that cannot be put into words

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I can't believe it's the same guy too...
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