..Is the sound of a muted string or No?

I read the whole lesson thing.
When you strike a note thats the fundemental.
And everything, I know that Your not suppose to push down on the fret, just let your left hand slightly 'touch' the top of the string.

But, It always sounds like this annoying plucking sound, and I just don't get it?
You "do push down" on the string so it "does" make contact with the fret otherwise you will either get a harmonic (depending on the fret) or mute the string and get that plucked sound. What you don't do is bear claw the string hard and push down like you are trying to drive the string through the fretboard.

If your are pressing down on the string so it makes contact on the fret then are you perhaps muting the strings with the side of your picking hand? That will also give you a muted sound.

Lastly, you will also get sort of a plucked sound it you are playing on the clean amp channel, with no distortion sort of a country chicken picking sound.
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Ok thanks. I kinda figured that, If It wasn't distorted that could be the reason.

I think I confused my self when I read the harmonics section and the muted strings section.
I don't get harmonics either lol