Ahoy, I'm playing an Ibanez RX170 through a 120 watt hybrid Vox with no pedals and pinched harmonics sound ok, but nowhere near what you'd hear from EMGs/SDs through a Marshall stack..

So, to bring out more definition in tone, should I invest in new pickups or some sort of distortion pedal? The Vox caters to every effect under the sun pretty well, but maybe with a pedal It'd give that extra ooomph. Or is this due to my stock pickups?

New Guitar/Amp is not an option guys..

Spankyou. n___n
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Turn the gain all the way up, also if it is a valvetronix amp those don't give off the best harmonics ever; I had one. Also check for other harmonic spots up and down the strings, one spot may sound hotter than the other; just pinch harmonic up and down a string until you find a nice sound.
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It could be my technique..

It takes a while to find the sweet spot, but when I do it sounds great.. So maybe I'm resorting to 'buy new stuff, it'll make me better!' too soon. n_n
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bass down treble up?
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Higher gain, wide vibrato, higher treble, kick in a little reverb/delay, work on technique.
get an overdrive pedal.
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