What you said to me,
I know you didn't mean it.
But that's just my point,
You don't think before you say it.

And Maybe if I saw
Another side of you,
I'm telling you the truth,
I don't want you.

I know what you did
I can see it so clear
So don't try to hide it
Your eyes show your fear
And Were you just pretending,
Or did you change your mind
The thing you never find
No longer lays beside

Because I'm tired
Because I'm sick
Because I'm done with all your ****
Because I'm torn
Up inside
Because this heartache I can't Hide
Because I'm Cold
Because I'm Drenched
Because my heart is now a trench
Because I'm Broke
I can't Be fixed
Because you did all of this!



the BECAUSE part is like optional, i havent decided on it yet. thanks for your time.


^my bandith.