Yo peeps.

I've got a mexican standard strat in sunburst and with a maple neck just like when they came first out in '54. Now, I just ordered a pearl white pick-guard and a Seymour Duncan invader sh-8 pickup (black, for pron matters).

So what do you guys (and possibly girls) think?

P.S. I'm set on this. It's just that where I live there isn't anyone that gives a **** about my guitar enthusiasm, I mean I was at this party yesterday and everybody were talking about cars (I'm cool with it, in fact I love it) but when I started talking about "muh geetarr" everybody just looked at me funny.

Strat with an Invader? I like it!

I think that's a nice combo. High output with some edginess from the SH-8, yet smooth and relaxed with some crunch from the single coils.

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Exactly! But when the package arrives and I'm done upgrading the real problem begins.

Getting a new amp; I have a 10 w Peavey Rage 258. And I'm going bigger, better, faster, stronger.
Yeah, same here; none of my friends play and they think I'm showing off or something when I try to talk about guitars.

What type of music do you play?
Exactly, I like everything and I mean EVERYTHING. It sort of comes in phases right now I'm really into Blink 182 say what you want but I think that Tom is a good player, after all it's not just about killer techniques, although he has some good moves.

Now that I think about it doesn't Tom's signature Strat have an invader?