hello, I have no problem strumming with pick, but I do with my fingers. So far I tried using my thumb and index finger, and my index seems work best. When downstrum I use my nail, which is allright. There problem lies in upstrum tho, when I strum up I use the part with flesh of my index finger, which doesn't goes smoothly..
let your thumbnail grow as well
so you can use it in upstrums,
to play better let all your fingernails grow
so you can use all of them and to play upstrum
use all the fingers or just your thumbnail,
to play with all of them in flamenco style just
strum with each finger in very quickly
succesions staring with your pinky,
then the ring finger, etc.
Relax your wrist and use both your index finger (downstroke, with nail) and thumb (upstroke, also with nail). It's a little tricky at first, but it's not too tough. Try working with some chord strums, starting slow and working your way up.
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