Ok. I have a question:

My gibson ES-339 plays like a dream, but the everything under the 15th fret is hard to play and loses sustain quickly. Now, is this because of the neck scale, or because of the frets? I'm pretty sure it has a 24 3/4 scale neck, but so does my les paul, and my les paul is easy to play down there.

Now, is this a fret problem or a neck problem?
do you mean "under" as in tone-wise? as closer to the headstock?
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Semi-hollowbodies don't have the sustain of solid body guitars. They are a mixture of the resonance of a hollowbody and sustain of a solid and are somewhere in between the two depending on the guitar. A solid body guitar has more sustain because there is less air to soundwave ratio allowing the sound to slowly disapate. With a hollowbody you have a greater air to soundwave ratio as the sound is resonating inside the guitar cavity and disapating quickly into the surrounding air.
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do you mean "under" as in tone-wise? as closer to the headstock?

No, closer to the bridge.

It's not the sustain that worries , it's the playability!
seems like you have a little action problem over there, can you set up a guitar by yourself?
if not, take it to a tech. you need a bridge adjustment and probably a neck adjustment too.
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