supppp dudes, I wanted to start up some sort of online band for the summer days since they're long and sometimes boring, I'm looking for some interested musicians to play and play starting pretty soon. I'm going to do bass and maybe a little guitar solo here and there, post any interest with contact info (preferably AIM).. I'm down for playing anything Rock-Hardrock-Punk-Classic rock-Funk

Lead Guitar-
Rhythm Guitar-
Bass- d K A p S
id love to be lead but im goin pub now so please pm me if i get the place, ill send you my msn/e-mail cos thats all ive got
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you should ask people to give a reason why you should chose them, in under 100 words, rather than first come first serve.

nah man who am i to decide, best I can do it is get them and see how it goes.. I'll just sift through their profiles for decent music.
We would do this by starting it off with an mp3 file, the next person would import that file and record on top of it in audacity (free download at audacity.com), send the file of only their recording back to the original person, which is me i suppose.

Vocals- inbloom27
Lead Guitar- Sammy2K7
Rhythm Guitar- Guitarplayer
Bass- d K A p S
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drummers! we need a drummer! any volunteers?

we could just program the drums
I just had an idea for our first song. Smells like teen spirit, it's easy and evorybody knows it. maybe we could do a twin harmony solo?
im good for vocal and lead guitar.

P.S. smells like teen spirit is a good idea.
I'll play some keyboards if you're interested in that still!
If you're interested in doing Smells Like Teen Spirit I think I've got a drum-only backing track somewhere so we can get going until we find a drummer (assuming the TS wants me in the band!) or just to get us started with one song so we can start another song with a drummer when we find one.
Just to keep everyone else up to date: I've sent Guitarplayer)" the backing track over msn and he says he's going to record rhythm when he gets the opportunity. That doesn't stop anybody else recording to the same backing track and then us all putting our parts together at a later date
I drum.

If you have any tracks partially done so far, send them to me and I'll try some drums over 'em.

As long as it's nothing too crazy I should be able to handle it.

And I do have a double kick, in case you were wondering.

EDIT: Also I can handle any keyboard/synth sounds you may need.
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Could I have a go at putting some keyboards onto it Guitarplayer?