So I have a Boss AW-3. I wouldn't say I hate it. But it's meh. I've been looking on ebay and noticed the EV-5 expression pedal for the AW-3 and the Vox V847-A are about the same price used. So I wanted to know what to get...I know the epression pedal isn't going to change tone, so if I don';t like the sound of the AW-3 I should deffinately go with the Vox. I've always loved the look of the Vox. I guess I like the sound of the Boss, just don't have the control I need.

So basically, if there is anyone who has had experiance with either pedal or both (), please guive your input.

Aniother thing I don't like about the AW-3 is how it turns on automatically when plugged in...

Anyway, so that's about ti. Thanks.
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