Ok, so I just bough a zoom mrs-4b multitrak recording studio. I needed something to record my playing. And I came to the realization that I SUCK!!! I have no speed at all. Even on things that I practice every day. My solos all tend to sound alike at one point or another. And they are painfully slow. My rythm parts are ok I guess. The Lead always seems to simple for the song to me.
I just feel so fucking uninspired now. I don't even want to pick up my guitar. Wtf do I do now?
I realized after reading an article on this site that I need to develope a disciplined practice routine. But I have no idea where I would start. I have basically no patience at all. I'd like to be able to improvise better. Especially when playing with others. And I'd like to add diversity to my solos/leads. Any advice?
Its obvious that ur stuck in a rut. Happens to me a lot as well. The best thing to do is put the guitar down for a while, listen to sum stuff that will inspire you or maybe learn a different playing style (bluegrass etc) that way, you get out of ur rut cuz ur learning something new and interesting. Once u get ur heart back into playing, u will start to get better and get over ur current playing faults
Had a similar problem when I got my first 8 track, when I listened back to the stuff I played it sounded terrible and I hated the fact that I was so slow, you wanna know what I did? I kept trying, I got the 8 track little under a year ago and since then have been practicing like crazy to make my playing better and i've come along in leeps and bounds, maybe you should try working hard at the things you wanna do and don't feel pressurised to have a disciplined practice routine, they're seriously overated and only work if your that type of player IMO.
Also it's always hard when you start recording, for some reason you can't play nearly as well when your plugged into that thing.
My final bit of advice would be don't beat yourself up so much, saying you suck does not help you get better, think positive and it will all come easier.
Thanks for the quick responses. My girlfriend has been telling me I should listen to different things. Like country, classical, etc. So I think I will start doing that. I'm not going to play again unless I have some sort of inspiration. I think I need a break. But when I do start again, I plan on practicing for about 2-3 hours a day. I will practice scales for 30 minutes. Any other stuff I need to work on for 1 hr. And then whatever I want for the rest of the time. Hopefully this will help.
Don't just practice scales, learn em. Know what notes they are and where those notes are on your fretboard. It's kinda grueling at first when you're learning to memorize em, but once you're done you'll thank yourself (and improve much more quickly).

Also, don't just play them in a liner pattern. Play around with em, string notes together that sound good, experement with bends, slides, vibrato, and legato. Those are what will add color to your solos.

Also, +1 to aaciseric. Don't be so hard on yourself, you don't suck, you're learning. You only suck when you believe you do and do nothing to change it.
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It is always natural for one to put down their own ability in playing. Nothing you create will ever sound as good to you as it may to others because you in fact created it. You just have to learn to get over the self criticism, but being slow does not mean you suck by any means. Being good at guitar is not just about speed, although speed will come with time and practice.