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So, how did you all enter the world of professional employment??
I'm looking and applying at the mo, but to no avail so far Still, I'll just have to kee on trying! If I get a job in TK Max or WHSmith that'd be bad ass! Although I'd like to work in a bookstore, they seem nice. HMV too.
I worked Sundays in the local TV shop. Not bad actually, sat on the PC most of the day, answered phones, tidied up, etc.



search bar

but seriously, stripper/prostitute
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i worked the database of a shoestore.

i got 5 bucks an hour and had to do all the ****ty work like carry huge boxes of shoes around all the time.
I was basically the monkey and at a lab at duke university. I just did what ever they told me to that day, usually playing the role of secretary and organizing offices and whatever else. I got paid about $9.00 an hour so i could care less.
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17 in a car body shop.
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I was and still am a dish washer really

It's actually an awesome job but I got it easily 'cause it's my families hotel
I sold tablet and macaroon (type of sweets) door to door for about £5 a week at age 13
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Nothing, yet.

I'm still waiting for K-MART to get back to me....

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Paper Boy. Up everyday except Sunday at 6:30am, doing a 30 minute round, 50 mins on Saturday. £9 a week, lol.

I might have been 13, possibly 14.
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search bar

but seriously, stripper/prostitute

Neither of those 2 attempted jokes were funny, seriously, search bar jokes?, Really now, Did you think of that by yourself?

Cashier is mine btw.
When i turned 14 my dad told me to go to work, so I did. I have worked full time since that at Upsala Motors, in Upsala Minnesota. I get paid 8 dollars an hour to do oil changes, change tires, transmission services, and brakes. I made over $1400 dollars in the month of June 2008
I'll be working at the local cinema next week

7,50€/ hour for selling tickets, snacks and watching films

You like it
professional fapper.

but srslyz i bussed tables at a p.o.s. resturant, got paid 3.50 an hour. tips werent bad (not amazing though) and i was 15, so it was alright. quit after a few months though, i realized it was a waste of life in retrospect.
Law firm downtown
scanning and filing
$8.50 an hour
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When i turned 14 my dad told me to go to work, so I did. I have worked full time since that at Upsala Motors, in Upsala Minnesota. I get paid 8 dollars an hour to do oil changes, change tires, transmission services, and brakes. I made over $1400 dollars in the month of June 2008


Meh, with the situation in Telford right now, looks like I'll be unemployed for a while longer
Still, out of all the jobs I've worked in, Farming's my favourite.
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Handing my notice in at the local supermarket (Co-op ftw) to start my first "real" job; training to be an accountant
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i was a cook for KFC...Ahh those were the days...
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McDonalds. Thought it was crap and quit after 2 days. Then didn't have a job for a year but I've worked at a supermarket for about a year now.
My first job was a "courtesy clerk" at frys.. I bagged groceries all day which was awesome... but doing carts in the heat sucked major ass.. I ended up quitting after 3 months. And after a week of unemployment I now work at Pizza Hut.

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painter for a guy my uncle works for. i was in eight grade working full time in the summer. $7.50/hr. not bad...
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Hell yaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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Cashier at local Piggly Wiggly...
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Chick-fil-a. Avoid applying anywhere that serves food. Horrible jobs no matter where you go. But especially avoid Chick-fil-a as it's run by Satan.
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McDonalds. Stayed there for 6 months. I can't complain. Your first job is supposed to suck, it gets you ready for how sucky the rest of your life will be.
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I was a door-to-door salesman for a local cable television company. Used to work only in the evenings to night and got $30 per sales plus incentives.
I have yet to ever get a job. (age = 17)

Not even a paper route!

Maybe I should get a summer job. But nah.
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cant remember how much i made
then first long term job was canadian tire
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