Ya, I already have a Peavey Raptor, but I'm looking for something else. Not that I don't like my Peavey; I just want another cool sounding guitar(needs to look cool too.)

At my local music store I found a B.C. Reich Warlock Platin.(or whatever) in black for $150.
I also found a sweet Ibanez (24 frets) with a clear gray paint job, for $350.
Then again there's also the Epiphone Special, wich looks like a black Les Paul also for $150.

What should I get?
Dont get the B.C. Reich, you will be very disappointed. I promise you.
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we need specific models... you can't go by brand, you have to go by models. as far as i'm aware, that epi is a starter model. i'd avoid it.

judging by price, i'd avoid the ibanez and bc rich too, but as i said, we'd ideally need what models they are.

what's your current rig?
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a new amp will do wonder for you X) and for your price you won't find an upgrade from your current guitar.
sweet, a fellow Arizonian

and like the other dude said we need specific model names.. not just the brand. but i'm placing my bets that the Ibanez might be the best one out of them..

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