So, statistically, if you gather a group of people together, a minority of them will be good singers. To the point, in any group, the amount of people who can sing well would be outnumbered by the people who can't hold a note to save their lives. On average, of course, not counting choirs and stuff like that.

So how come, whenever you hear a large crowd singing - eg a football crowd, fans at a concert, studio audiences on tv - it's ALWAYS note perfect? Even the most notoriously hard to sing songs always sound pitchperfect in the voice of a crowd

Is there a scientific reason for this or what?
Maybe because the people who can sing sing as loud as they can, and the others just pretend to sing or mumble?
May be similar to the chorus effect. A chorus pedal makes it seem like there are multiple guitars playing and all are slightly out of tune, but of different degrees of too sharp/too flat so it works out ok.

Basicly the crowd wont all be singing pitch perfect, but on average there will be roughly the same amount of people singing too sharp as too flat so it sort of... evens out... i think...
Thats what I do at church, I mime and mumble so people dont notice I cant sing

(Im not christian or anything I'm just talking about those rare occasions we find are selves at a church service... normally upon waking up after a heavy nites boozing and forgetting where you went to sleep)

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