Im clueless which pedal to go for, i just want something that will give me amp more of a low end-chunky boost. My set-up is Peavey valveking head- marshall 1960a- boss eq- one of my guitars both fitted with active emgs.

Im looking at a $100 spending limit and i play stuff that is hi-gain with boosted mids.
I would obviously have to invest in some sort of noise supressor/gate because with an eq the feedback would be overwhelming. If anyone could give me any good settings too that would be awesome!
never tried the mxr overdrive. but you really cant go wrong with any tubescreamer.
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Quote by sg622
never tried the mxr overdrive. but you really cant go wrong with any tubescreamer.

What settings do you have your valve king with the screamer and eq?
bass- 7
mid- 10

eq: this is too much to write out but all i can say is that my mids were VERY slightly scooped and the treble is slightly boosted and the gain is at +6

the tubescreamer is gain at 0, level at 10 and the tone knob at around 2 o'clock
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Do you play more hi-gain stuff i take it, does the screamer make a huge improvement from the tone with an eq?
the tubescreamer, as a clean boost into a high gain tube amp, tightens the low end a lot. Thats how I use my TS in front of my 5150. Then again, the 5150 is already a tight amp, so i dont use it as often.

I guess its that mid hump of the TS that makes the tone tighter sounding.
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You sound like you could use a tube screamer. Aside from the ones that some UGers build, like me and Bloodshed, there are dozens of great clones and look-alikes on the market. Shop around!
tube screamer + amp distortion = the mONeYZzzZzzzZz
even better: i recommend buying a modded one from ebay. those will set you back less than 100 bucks i think. plus you get better overdrive sounds. research different mods to see what you'd like. i like analogman
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