Ok, before you rage at me, I know this isn't exactly song lyrics, it's more of a poem. However it could potentially become lyrics if that makes you feel better.

Alright I write a lot of poetry and such, most of it fairly long. I decided to write a quick, short poem, just to see what I can come up with. Here's what I came up with about 5 minutes ago...

One-Way Street
A metaphor for love

I'm on a one-way street right now
I wish it went both ways
Because if it did then we'd meet somewhere in the middle

I'm on a one-way street right now
I keep driving on
I drive towards you, but nothing comes my way

I'm on a one-way street right now
An intersection ahead
You turn, now you're on a busy road
But I'm still on a one-way street with the same goal
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