im into folk metal bands and folk music really inspires me, but i dont really know any. Im looking for several easy to play songs that would sound really pleasant (like the intro to lord of the rings- shire music) i might sound a bit vague, but if you knowwhat im talking about, please link some nice folk song tabs for guitar
The land is silent... Before the storm!
i've heard it in the metal i listen to, such as Tyr and Finntroll, so im looking for some straight up, real folk music because the folk elements from the metal are appealing
The land is silent... Before the storm!
If you read standard notation, go to http://www.thesession.org/members/ and click "tunebook". then learn the most popular ones.

Also, The Wild Rover (as done by Tyr) is a great Irish folk song, if a little cliched

EDIT: and thanks for that, Marcel Veltman. the folk thread is pretty much dead, we need some new people posting