I need a free photo editing program for my macbook. I wanna make epic lulz like everyone else in photoshop threads but i have no photo editing software besides iPhoto which you can only edit the color in the photo. Whats a good free photoshop type program that I can use?
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I use PhotoShop on my MacBook Pro.
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The Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/.
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download something like uTorrent, and download the .drg for photoshop from there...

.drg? Dyu mean .dmg?
get a mac....

oh wait

what i did with my photoshop trial is that i kept on changing the computer's date to like 30 days ago. works like a charm. i wouldn't know if it would work with the mac, though.
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I use seashore which really sucks. I tried to get GIMP but it wouldnt work on my computer.
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