ok to day i went down to my local HMV to buy some new CD's anyways when i tried to rip them on to my itunes, it took like hal an hour to rip one track.

and not only that, i would only get about 30 seconds worth of the song

and it was only on some of the cd's, RATM worked fine but Kll 'Em All was broken

umm maybe the cds are screwed up....try em in a cd player (if u still have one (: )
if they work then its your itunes but if the cds skip or something then go back and return em
Thanks for reading this... Ladies
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i know its an abstract concept but i thought id give it a go
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get winamp

imo MUCH better than Itunes

Yes, do that.
It's also open-source so you can have fun customizing it with all sorts of wonders and plug-ins.
Yes I am from Hawaii.

It's not really a great place to live..
..but fun if you're a tourist!
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It's good to be back guys.