Ok here's the deal there's only one shop in Iceland that sells Seymour Duncans so I ordered an invader from them but they only had a neck pickup but I want a bridge one. But I figured that the only difference must be the length of the wires so ordered the neck one anyway cuz' I really can't wait for the next shipment from the states to arrive.

Am I wrong?
Is there another difference?
Yes there is a difference; neck pickups have a lower output to match the higher output bridge pickup. The strings vibrate more over the neck pickup area so bridge pickups need to have higher output to even out the signal so there is as little difference in volume between pickup positions.
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yeah, me too. Did you talk it thru with them or just order it? Did you order direct from Duncan. I have a Custom Custom TB-11. What sounds are you going after?

PS - length of wire won't matter, either will come with plenty of wire. Will you be putting it in yourself or having someone else do it?
I'll be doing it myself, and´I'm going for a little bit of punk sound.
Seriously call Duncan.
Can you reverse the order or is it too late?
If it is too late and you don't like it, use Duncan's exchange policy.
I'm not an expert but the Invader might be a little too hot.
Maybe a Custom or Custom Custom.
Make sure you get the Trembucker version if I didn't mention that already.
Do you have an HSS?
Have you reviewed these pups on Duncan's site? They break them down for Rock, Punk, Blues etc. so you can narrow down from there.
the duncan web site says the invader is a good choice for punk to metal.
I received it two hours ago and I called the store and they say it's cool to just resend it to them and they'll send me the correct one right back. No problem. And no my strat isn't HSS, well not until I finish installing the 'bucker'

Do it up and then tell us what you think.

If you do want to Exchange here is my advice and I'm not saying it work.

Instead of sending to local store in Norway and waiting call Duncan and explain that it is just not right for you and that you gig a lot and need your guitar. See if they will do an Advanced Replacement on your word. They will take your credit card #. Not sure about Norway but they did this for me.

Good luck and let us know.