So...since i went to see Megadeth in June i wanted to do a cover of them, so i half-learned Hangar 18, but not perfectly (thats why there's no outro solos, and some of the first part riffs and solos are sloppy as hell)

The guitar vocals thing didnt work well with this tune, so i decided to SING!!
Yes, i dont sing ever and dont like my singing, but it sounded empty without anything...

Tell me what you think

Pretty good man. The only thing I didn't like is your tone. Your tone is very scratchy, thin and somewhat lacks drive; however you playing is flawless. I didn't hear any mistake. Your voice is not that bad. Pretty good job I think. Keep it up

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great playing ! i think your tone works quite good for this song. fits into this 80s metal thing.

hm... is that your normal voice? sounds damn rough.
Sounds good man. Not to shabby vocals so don't be afraid to let them out more even though they definitively need more practice.
yea dude, at least ur singing. im terrified lol. good job, on point no mistakes. money = better tone so itl come.
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