I have a Roland Cube 20x which I'll probably sell and I want to know what Tupe Amp I should be looking for if I have a 500$ budget. I own a Epiphone Sg Special. I'm playing Metal, Hardcore, Old Rock and alot of clean stuff.

I really want it to sound tight. Maybe in the next future I'll be part of a band... so I have to consider a decent wattage I think. So please guide my way!
A Valve King combo, it's got a good amount of gain going on and is more than loud enough for 99% of applications.

However if you want to go used you might be able to find a Randall RG50TC or at a push a 5150/6505.

I would say that you probably shouldn't sell your cube; a decent practice amp is absolutely priceless, you can't always play a tube combo - they're just too loud for playing at midnight.
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