I'm listening right now. I'm a big fan of the psychedelia btw.
I really like the drums in the beginning. sort of has a hip hop/funky feel to it I think. And I really like the guitar in the beginning and then how it slows down, very trippy, very nice. I love the other songs too (especially visions), just keep up the good work man.

crit4crit? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=908321
You'll have to add us too.

edit: this reminds me a lot of STS9. You should definitely check them out if you've never heard
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This is good stuff! I really like your use of the flanging and delay, and the overall chordallity of the pieces is different and original.
Thanks a lot for the crit man. yeah I really want to find someone to play keys with us and im working on it, but it's kinda hard. We did just add a really good sax player though so it's good. but yeah, thanks.
PS im going to see STS9 on thursday, I can't wait.
Wow, sounds great man. I really like how you did the background of the piece, it's a simple progression but it works well. All the instruments work together perfectly. Personally though, I think the tone of the guitar in the beginning is a little thin. Great job
that was a good listen. I hear some Thievery Corp in there, I just saw them last week, and I'm seeing STS9 soon too. Your other tracks are nice too.
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