Hey guys, recently I started making plans to create a home recording studio. naturally, I wanted the full deal, with enough recording equipment to record a whole band and all that good stuff... but after a reality check, I realized I cant afford that right now. Anyway, while I'm waiting, I figured I would get a setup to record guitar, and worry about the rest later.

So now for my question: what's a decent setup for recording guitar? I would like to record through a mic (I dont want my tone and individual sound to get lost or muddy), but I'm not really sure what to get. My budget is under $400, but if there's a cheap setup with decent sound, thats good enough. I've heard of USB mics, are those any good? Thanks.
guitar- record staright from amp to computer
software- audacity(free)
vocals- just get a mic
drums- just mic them
bass- record straight from amp

you'll just have to record seperately and match and mix everything from audacity
mixing everything is fine with me, but I'm focusing more on bass/guitar at the moment...vocals and drums have to wait until i finish the studio room (im designing it with sound waves in mind and all that) uh, i just need a little more info on specific equipment, like would i need an interface, what type of mic, etc.
get cuebass 4 which will also allow you to upgrade for free and is a much better program than audacity and dont just get a mike you need to think what kind ie research condersor capacitor mike and make sur eyou know what your buying, i think a capcitor mike would work well for both vocals and for guitar and has a lot more frequency range alltough you will ne a pop shield with it so it does not blow.
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ok, so just to clear things up: i need an interface for the mic before it hooks up to computer, right? and as for what type of mic, would the SM57 be good enough for recording guitars? like i said, vocals aren't an issue right now. Also, The onyx satellite looks like a good value, except I dont know what firewire is, or what a firewire port looks like.
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