with toneport, can i hear my guitar as i play it, like, in real time?? could i use a damage control tube pedal to get better sound?
Yes, not sure how distortion would sound but i use my wah and it sounds pretty good!
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anyways yes the toneports are fair but the preamps and software are not great. It would be good if you could use an external preamp such as your DC pedal to get the tone you want. I suggest bypassing GearBox though since it lacks a lot of good tone IMO.

Also you will want to monitor from the headphone port on the unit to get low latency monitoring. These are USB1.1 interfaces though so you will always have some latency to the PC.
Yes. Depends if your computer is fast. and Yes. I use my distortion pedal for dist. Delay and other mods with gearbox.

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