My friend fried his MGHDFX100 (inb4 MGs suck). He turned it on w/o knowing that the cable wasn't plugged into the cab (it was only plugged in at the head) The other end of the cable started shooting out lightning-like electricity and made a powering down kind of sound. It won't turn on.
Question: Is it possible to fix? He's planning to get another head (Laney) and was just gonna leave the Marshall in a closet. I was wondering if it just needed a new power transformer (?) or if it would be too difficult to fix.
Please answer! Thanks
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Sounds like a dead transfomer. Probably not worth fixing, but that's me.

That's what I thought the problem would be.
Just using it as a project mainly, since he's getting a Laney head
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btw how much would a new transformer cost?
I don't need a signature to tell you I don't need a signature!
T'aint worth it.
If you wanted a real project which could appreciate, mod an EVJ or something.
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To Fix MG problem:

Step 1. Amp -> Dumpster
Step 2. Save more $$$ (not That hard to save up more than an MG heads worth)
Step 3. Buy new amp

It really isn' t worth it to try to fix a MG man, it isn't even worth the time to figure out what's wrong with it.
Fried SS amps are generally junk when they need repair. Most of the time the parts and labor will cost close to what a new amp would cost. Its a MG so would develop some sort of other weird hard to fix gremlin eventually.
MG100HDFX... $350.

Marshall MG412... $270.

Not being able to play it anymore because your friend accidentally turned it on without it being plugged into a cab... Priceless.
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