Which should I get?

edit: assuming you guys know what a Samsung YP-P2 is....it's another touch-screen mp3 player that has bluetooth and Samsung's fancy DSNe equalizer.
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iPod touch. I love it.
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Ipod touch, you can get free internet and go on UG any time!
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I would say the samsung, probably being the only person who knows what it is so far..

lol, probably just you and me. Reasons why?
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lol, probably just you and me. Reasons why?

Because companies like samsung always give their products stupid names that no one can remember. What was it again? Y2-D2? Sounds like something from star wars.
I have a P2 and I love it, samsung has added features to it with firmware updates such as well..you can have a dictionary, subway maps, games, you can make your own UCI and more that I cant name off the top of my head and it has bluetooth.

Anyway just go to anythingbutipod.com and look it up for more info...but seriously get the P2
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Apple generally sells underpowered, overpriced, fragile products.

Therefore, option B.