I donno if this kind of post is forbidden here or not, if thats the case, my apologies. I uploaded a 50 sec clip the other day on you tube and thought I could share it.

Lemme now what you think, I still have to take guitar lessons all I know is by ear, by the way what I play in the video is some sort of song I'm trying to "compose".

Thanks for looking

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You're link isn't working.

I'd like to see you play, so you better hurry up and fix it to prevent a fAil.
Just click the link and take out 1 http
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You're link isn't working.

I'd like to see you play, so you better hurry up and fix it to prevent a fAil.

I'd like to see you not be eaten by grammar nazis, so you better hurry up and fix your existing fail.

Though, it'll still be on record for being quoted here.
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Just click the link and take out 1 http

yeah i noticed that jesus you ppl r so stupid if u bothered to look at the link first you would know like me and CanadianLoonie here....
nice video
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sorry if I offended anyone.

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Thanks for the replies and for posting a working link

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was the ciggarette necessary?

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Audio quality isn't that great, but your playing is pretty good. Sounds a lot like Crazy Train to me; would sound a lot better if you tried to spice it up a bit more.

Overall, not bad! Pretty good, actually.
Pretty neat stuff. Sounds like something I would listen to if you could make a whole song out of it. Wrong forum though.
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I recorded that with my mobile, so quality is crap... wasnt planned to upload I liked it and just trying to see people reactions here. I know the cigarette doesnt look nice but anyway, its about the playing not my vices...hehe

it defiantly has potential man

keep working on it it sounds good so far
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was the cigarette really necessary or do you just think you're super rebelpants man now?

you cound work more on your motion, its too wide, if you shorten it you can get more accurate movements and even more speed
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That's what I was looking for! constructive criticism! thanks alot to the ones who have answered that way, and to the ones asking about the cigarette and rebelpants and what ever... well, you know...