I bought a B.C. Rich Metal Master Warlock about 7 months ago, and all of a sudden the back pickups aren't working right. When it first started they wouldn't pick up anything, but now they buzz pretty badly (it always had a nice clean sound before, no buzz at all) and touching any metal connected to the pickup (the screws holding it in place and the metal parts of the pickup itself) make the exact same noise as holding the end of the cable before you plug it into your guitar. any advice?

Something may have gone wrong with the internal wiring. My dad has the same problem with a 80's Squier Bullet. There could be a short or something has been knocked loose. You may have to pull the whole thing apart and check your solders.
Check the pots and the input jack and see if there is a loose connection.
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i was hoping opening it up wasnt going to be the responce owell. thanks both of yall

bad grounding there. probably there's something wrong with the wiring. check for some loose wires.
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