hey everyone,

I want to swap out one or more of the factory pickups on my Mexican Fat Strat (one humbucker, 2 single coils). I've been thinking about Seymour Duncans, but, since I've never done this kind of modification on my guitar, I'm not sure exactly which
pickup(s) I would be going for.

I play through a 40 watt Fender Hot Rod deluxe (1x12 speaker). As far as the tone I'm after its a little harder to say but my musical influences are Pearl Jam (especially the guitar work on Yield), Hendrix, Minus the Bear, the Beatles, My Morning Jacket, The Band....lots of variety (which is why I prefer the Strat, its pretty versatile)

I have a couple different stompbox effects which might factor into it (not sure though)
Here they are (in no particular order)

Crybaby Wah
Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer
Boss DD3 delay
Boss TR2 Tremolo
Boss DS1
Ibanez CF7 Chorus/Flanger

any suggestions?

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Don't get EMGs,

Maybe a SH-4 JB in the bridge, I don't know much about single coils.
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So, we're talking Duncan's right now.

I'd say if you play very versatile you can't go wrong with a JB humbucker in the bridge.
It's very versatile and sounds very good with stomp boxes and effects, especially with a tube amp.

For the middle I'd say a Quarter Pound Staggered (SSL-7). It'll give you that warm sound for the middle, and a good even mix of the bass from the neck and the crunch from the bridge.

The neck I would say to put in a Little '59 (SL59-1). It's the single coil version of the '59 that is a humbucker, that is used quite often in the neck of most guitars. It's going to give you a great solo sound and is a moderate output so it's pretty bassy but keeps its deffinition.

I hope this helps!
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i would say get a TB-11 Custom Custom in bridge. perfect for alder bodied strats. Little 59 in neck and Duckbucker in mid. the JB might be a little too harsh for your liking. the Custom Custom would be better.
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