Don't quite hear bout these guys much here though i feel they're really good.
Have been accused of sounding like a Meshuggah rip off but i think with their new album Silhouettes they've managed to break out of that label and sorta found a sound of their own.

These guys are a mix of Death metal, Technical metal and Progressive. They've got the hint of metalcore in them too. With the vocalist being more versatile than ever in Silhouettes. You get melodic singing, screaming, growling and the lot.

Anyway, check em out here www.myspace.com/textures
Highly recommended to listen to their new album "Silhouettes". "To Erase a Lifetime", "Laments of Icarus", "Storm Warning" are some of my recommended tracks from that album.
I really like them quite alot
There's a lot of bands doing that Meshuggah ripoff nowadays though, it's like polyrhythms are the new breakdowns and pigsqueals

Here's a recommendation from me:
Check out TesseracT
Great mix of Meshuggah, Isis, Periphery etc.
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Textures are in my top 10 of favorite bands ever. any of you guys know where i can get a copy of polars?
I like this more than what I've heard of Meshuggah.

Pretty good. Way less annoying on the ears, and seemingly less repetitive. They have enough melody, and though the vocals aren't great, I still prefer them to Meshuggah's. And they're mixing up the heavy dissonant parts more successfully, better structure to the songs than a wall of cacophonous boredom.
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My friends been telling me about these guys for the past few months, s'pose i'll get around to checking into them...

Edit: if they had jens kidman as a vocalist, they would be my new favorite band
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There was a french band quite similar to Textures and Meshuggah which i once herd and quite like... but now i can't remember its name...
Anyone know which band it could be??

And i'm quite liking the sound of Tesseract...

I found that band, its Hacride.
check em out, they're pretty cool too..
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