There are a lot of users on this forum, so hopefully at least one of you surfers can help me...

I need a new computer.

Well, I want one anyways. This is one is getting pretty slow, and though it still functions and a system reinstall is possible, the thing is more than five years old and an upgrade is in store.

SO. I need a computer that can handle basic user needs (internet usage, home office crap, misc. doodads) but also handle more intensive tasks such as low level media production and gaming. By gaming, I don't mean that it needs to run Crysis at it's top specs, but I would like it to be semi futureproof as well as be able to play Oblivion at a decent level - as best as possible without breaking bank.

Moneywise, I don't want to spend more than $1,200 - if necessary, things can overflow, but I am just a kid (16, summer job, min wage, "frugal" parents) so don't break my heart.

The brand doesn't matter, but it would obviously have to be a Windows box for the gaming aspect of things (I know, Macs can play WoW and they sure are pretty, but I'd rather stick with Windows - don't hate).

Thanks in advance, I hope the UG crew can help me out.
Just buy some cheap Dell or Compaq or something. Mine was less than $400 and I did a 2 GB RAM upgrade, 630W PSU upgrade, and a NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS cost me (nothing, gifts ) $200. I can run CoD4 at highest settings with 40~100 FPS at 1024x786.
Buying a computer just for gaming isn't worth it. You can get a system for thousands and MINE IS BETTER jk
Make sure the processor is dual core too.
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Just make sure when you do get it get firefox or die.
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for $1200 you can get a hell of alot nowadays.... personaly i would build one as i am a do-it-your-self kind of guy... if you dont want to do that go to best buy and browse
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Alright, I'll check out what the big boxes have to offer, and see if I can't make one on my own for any less coin.

Thanks for the help; more suggestions are always welcome.
dude for 1200 you can get a quad core 4 gigs of ram and a killer video card and maybe if your lucky get an sli set up of two killer video cards