I was using my Ibanez amp when the power cut out, it seems to be working ok but the manual says that "malfunctions" can occur if the power is cut out.

Should I worry?
If everything works normally, it should be fine.
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that is solid state right?

if so, i bet it will be fine if it is working now. you would know if something blew.

why did power cut out? Lightening? I generally tell people to upplug there gear during storms with lightening which i why i ask.
Although lightning shooting from your fingers is a cool effect, it's normally only a one time thing. I would just unplug your gear.
Yes it's a solid state, the 150R to be exact (excellent amp I might add).

I actually don't know why the power cut out. I think having multiple air conditioners, TV's and computers and adding the amp blew a fuse.

I guess everything is ok, thanks for giving me peace of mind.