I will be moving into a dorm in a few months and my current amp i think will be a little too big. So i was lookin for some recomendations of an amp that would be able to fit in a dorm and still sound decent at the lower volumes i would have to play at. I like rock and a little bit of metal and the price i would like to keep around 500. so let me know what you think, thanks
cube 20?

edit: actually the 15 would be plently loud for a dorm, and its only 100$ not 175 like the other.
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Are you going to be using the amp only in the dorm, or do have somewhere to go and jam at louder volumes?
what are your dorm walls made out of?
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dorm walls are most likely gonna be painted cinder blocks, and the amp only needs to serve as a practice i can get my bigger one to jam without too much trouble thanks for the quick replies and ill check out that cube 20.