Hey all,

I've been having some recent issues with my cell phone.

I'll text my friend, and they'll text back, then Ill respond, and then all of a sudden my friends just drop the conversation at really odd times.

I finally talked with my girlfriend and she was asking why i never resonded to her, and we all of a sudden realized that my phone isn't recieving some messages she sent. Then today, the same thing happened with another friend of mine. Judging by that I think its probably an issue with my phone.

Anyone have any idea what the problem with my phone is, or how to fix it?
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Your phone is jealous, and withholding your mail from you. Obviously it has attachment issues. I suggest you contact a therapist. Or perhaps it's time you parted from each other. Tell it that you want to concentrate on your career right now.
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tell your phone company to eat a dick?
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this happened to me with my old phone, just got a new one yesterday and i hope it doenst do the same thing. sometimes i'd send a message and it'd A.) never be sent or B.) sent like 3-4 hours after i sent it. same thing applied to messages i was supposed to receive. i found that if i was expecting a text message i would randomly send a text message and it'd somehow let me receive the message i was waiting for.
Ok, well, I didnt get a new one when I got our contract, so I have a free razr waiting for me whenever I want one(within the next year). I guess I'll just tell them soon and get a new one.
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I once told a Metallica fan I liked Megadeth, and he stabbed me 42 times.