I'm going for a two week vacation, flying 3,000 miles across the country to see my brother.,To my knowledge, I won't have a guitar. What's a 6 string lover to do ?

I don't want to risk damage to or pay to bring my crappy electric, nor my acoustic (not any better I might add) but it would be relatively pointless to buy something there (renting might be an option). He could bring it back himself, since by coincidence he's coming up here a few days after I return.

So, my main questions are: How have you dealt with it, should I trust shipping or airline companies with my baggage, or any other suggestions?
there are alot of jerkoffs that just bring their guitar on the plane with them and shank someone for the overhead bin, if you dont have a problem with that, thats always an option
just do what you did before you had a guitar. or air guitar.
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I took my Washburn to Moscow this summer. It was in a hard shell case...I took it as a carry on flying there, no problems. However flying out of Russia they didn't let me take it on (insert in mother Russia joke), so it had to be with the rest of the cargo. Guess if you have a hard shell case it's alright, a soft one might do, but if they don't let you then it's your problem

I flew with Lufthansa btw.
You could Tattoo frets on your Johnson, and then play with that. It will help you keep your mind off of something actually worth playing with.
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buy a new one (cheapo, $200 or $300 used or squier or something) at your destination, then have ups ship it to your home right before you leave

costs some money but bonus you end the trip with a new guitar, plus you get to see another coast's guitar stores, and have something you can beat on and mod etc. don't risk your good axes on some trip because you might never play it down there. maybe you'll find a gem in the used section.

Well, I wouldn't consider what I have my "good" axe (Yam. 112.) but yeah, I was liking that idea, checking out another coast's guitars. I also might pick up a bass to fuddle around with, learn cool stuff on that, but it's be a bit bigger.

But I probably need a new amp before a new gutiar, yada yada, all that jazz. I dunno, thanks for what's been suggested.

anything else would be cool
bring your electric as a carry on...i did it on a cross country flight with no problems whatsoever
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well, all i can say is that there have been quite a few questions lately (last day or two) on taking guitars on airplanes and motorcycles. For the airplane specifically, i just don't think it makes sense. I know that sucks. Maybe do what these guys are saying and buy a cheap one and then return it before you leave but i didn't say that.
Seriously, check out the plane stories over the last 2 days or less. Search on airplane maybe. I'm not saying they are great suggestions but people obviously do it.

if i were to do it, it would probably be me buying a cheap guitar at a chain store while on vacation and then trying to get it home with the option to return it locally. wait...nevermind, i need to be able to return it unharmed.

my suggestion in other threads has been to send it via Fed Ex with insurance on it and send it in a hard case - but after video's of the shipping industries care of packages it makes you wonder.
You can't live two weeks?
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You can't live two weeks?

i could always go cold turkey, lol. Or spend an annoying amount of time at the local guitar store "browsing" (I do plan on checking that out. Mccabe's guitar shop looks really cool)

Probably the best idea. oh well
well depending on the stores return policy, you could buy a guitar youve always had your eye on at/ near your brothers place and return it before you leave. some are 15 day returns, 30 day credits, but you have to ask at the store.
A LOCKABLE hard cas and put a big *Fragile* sticker on it and it will be fine in a cargo hold. If there is a sticker with fragile written on it then the baggage handler hae to take care of it, it's there job.
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buy a harmonica and learn that. it fits in your bag and when you next pic up the guitar it will have made you a better player. seriously sometimes a break is good and learning some thing else will improve your guitar playing
Buy a Ukulele and learn some chord shapes before you go.

They fit in suitcases fine and mine only cost £15.
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buy a harmonica and learn that. it fits in your bag and when you next pic up the guitar it will have made you a better player. seriously sometimes a break is good and learning some thing else will improve your guitar playing

I have one! it's really high though, I should check out a deep, more bluesy machine.
Yeah, cold turkey or FEd ex might be cool.

But, you know,its like, could you go two weeks without masturbating?