On my metronome there is a 'tap' function, so I tap my foot to the song, then tap the button and it tells me the tempo.
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Pretty much, yeah, there are software solutions such as Logic's beat matching, but I find it easier to just sit down with a metronome. Some DJs can do it really fast but I'm no DJ.
Metronome is what I use. By listening to a song I can get a rough idea of the tempo, then it's just a matter of using the metronome to get it exact. Takes me about 30 seconds tops to get the tempo that way. Most of the time it takes about 15 seconds, and that includes turning the metronome on and changing the tempo on it.

Ka pu te ruha ka hao te rangatahi.
You can get a program called Taptempo. That's what I use.

I used it and got 240 bpm for that song.
yeah haha after listening to the song, it might be hard to use a tap button. Especially since most only go up to 208bpm. And geeze that song is annoying
I think the tempo changes a bit. I'd say it was 160-164 bpm. It's certainly no faster than that.