what are some options for jobs where you're just driving a vehicle, be it a truck or something or a van, be it for delivery or something else. just throw out ANYTHING at all that meets those criteria.
Bus driver. Dukes Of Hazzard stuntman.
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getaway driver would probably be the funnest, and the better paid job.

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valet, fed ex guy, pizza boy, limo driver

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truck driver, bus driver, postman, delivery service (like for tesco delivery or what ever), formula one driver
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Bus driver. Dukes Of Hazzard stuntman.

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Beer/Wine rep. You do nothing but drive to bars, carryouts, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Though why you'd want a driving job with gas the way it is would be beyond me.
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I was a delivery driver last summer for this sub shop and its not bad at all. If I had to work a friday or saturday night I would have made on average 85 bucks that night and 50 if I work during the day. When you are 16 thats not bad money.