What do you guys think of this video?


Yes, I'm aware that all of you have probably seen this, and I know this isn't impossible or crazy difficult (although I don't think it's easy at all), but I was wondering what you guys think of Dominic Frasca?

I really like his music, and I think he's a very good classical guitarist, and I really love what he's doing for classical guitar. I was just wondering what others think of him.
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Why does he have a C-Clamp and screws on his guitar?
I think it's for the tuning. He also has little individual tuners on the frets.
ive seen it before, its cool
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I was curious myself what the people here on UG think. I think he's pretty good, but not amazing.
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I totally pwnd this guy at guitar center once. He came in the acoustic room and started playing this kind of **** and I destroyed him, he left almost in tears.
He's ok. It really isn't something super amazing.
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evidently its not impossible if he can play it.....

over all its meh. not my cup of tea.
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What he said. You are a wise man for not buying into the hype.

ya hear that...he thinks im wise
I like that a lot. Love his style.
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more importantly did you see his finger nails on his right hand. ewwwww. about 3/4 the way through they do a close up, nearly blew chunks
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I don't like his style. There are several classical guitarists that I enjoy more.
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Never heard of it, it's alright.
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