Hey, this might be the wrong place to put this thread, but i was wondering if anyone had any fun songs/riffs/licks to play. Sorta like midnight or a day at the beach by joe satriani, doesnt have to be tapped songs, but just stuff thats fun for the hands to play.
Hmmm, I dunno about hands. When I read your title, I thought you meant, just fun to belt out as a group. For that I would recommend 80s rock. Playing for example Poison songs always makes me and my band more active and willing to dance around than others.
Also, when we play Save it for the Bedroom, by Youmeatsix, the same thing happens. I'm not a big Indy fan, but the song is really fun to play.
When i read the title i thought you were going to ask us what OUR favorite songs to play were, not recommendations.

O well.

Fun songs to play in a band setting is anything to get you guys jumping/headbanging etc. together. The feeling is great.

Fun songs to play by yourself in your bedroom. Well for me, its blues. I love the blues. It really lets my soul just fly.
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the intro/verse/chorus riff od just push play by aerosmith
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I really like "In Dying Days" by As Blood Runs Black, "Everything Went Black" by The Black Dahlia Murder (3 "black"s in ONE SENTENCE ), and obv. KISSING THE SHADOWS.