ive been playing for a bit under a year i can play almost all of Tool's songs, i can play all of don't fear the reaper but i dont know what else to learn cus alot of the songs i like from other artist are to advance for me to play yet any one got any semi hard songs id be able to play i like any types of music from blues to death metal
try sunshine of your love, easy riff throughout and the solo is kickass and isnt that difficult
learning all of dethkloks songs brought me from like playing level 2 to like a 6.5
Theres No Penguins In Alaska

All Nereids Beware

FCPREMIX (depends how good you are if you want to do the solo or not, isn't really that hard to me)
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Learn some Coheed & Cambria songs like A Favor House Atlantic or Neverender or something.
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Comfortably Numb

One - Metallica

Fade to Black - Metallica


If you don't know how, Stairway is a fun song to play too..
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The South Park theme song. Or some Led Zep.
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Maybe some Smashing Pumpkins? Alot of their songs aren't that hard, but they use some different techniques.
wat songs by led like i can play heart breaker but dont know were to start with them
Misty Mountain Hop, Rock n' Roll.
~don't finkdinkle when ur supposed to be dimpdickin~
alright i learnt black dog misty mountain hop house of the holy and trample under foot wat else