I'm going to buy a friends' electric soon and I plan on repainting it. (It's an Epiphone with a hideous 2 tone sunburst (from black to orange/yellow, hardly a transition..)

Anyways I don't know how I'll remove the painted coat... Would a belt sander be the best? Or hand sanding? Will sanding get paint in the wood grain? I have paints appropriate for wood, and experience with painting.

-thanks in advance
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any type of sanding tool will be fine

Belt sander for the majority of the work (i.e the large flat bits) and then hand sand the edges to make sure you keep the edges clean and not ruin the shape of the contours

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It will just take alot of sanding to get it down to bare wood. The paint is pretty think on epis. Kind of limited on a belt sander to the back and part of the front. To many curves on most of it.